Enterprise-Level Protection for Your Personal Computer

Each year, more than 1,000,000 users trust our software to protect private information on their personal computers against more than 20,000,000 malicious attacks.

Joining those who are protected is now easier AND more AFFORDABLE than ever before!

  • Easily install CP Protection via download link
  • CP Protection works in the background
  • Your CPU's performance is optimized
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How does it work?

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How does CP Protection work?

After purchase you will receive an email within minutes containing a download link. Simply download the software by clicking the link and allow the software to download to your computer. Our agent will then install in the background.

After installation is complete, our agent will run in the background, protecting against malicious attacks and viruses.

That's it! Once you have downloaded and installed our agent software onto your computer, you have nothing else to do. The enterprise-level software that our agent is built on is powerful enough to provide defense for major corporations and businesses around the globe, and now you have that same protection on your personal computer!

    The CP Protection system is built on the same software that protects entire networks for major corporations and businesses around the world!
    After installation is complete, our agent goes to work. No need to worry about messing with settings or features. Your computer is immediately protected!

What does it protect?

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Defense against malicious websites & cyber attacks!

The CP Protection system is built on software that has been available to major corporations and businesses for years; defending complex networks against cyber attacks and viruses hosted on malicious websites. Only recently has the same software been available for the protection of personal computers.

The CP Protection system runs on a dual-engine scanner and works non-stop, 24/7/365 to stop vicious cyber attacks and viruses before they have the opportunity to deploy onto your device.

Our software is already trusted by more than 1,000,000 users and protects against more than 20,000,000 attacks each year. With CP Protection system, you now have access to an antivirus software that manages itself while defending you and your information.

    The CP Protection system defends against viruses hosted by malicious websites.
    In a time when cyber attacks are on the rise, the CP Protection system the defense against potential threats looking to gain access to your sensitive information.

How fast is it?

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Defense That Won't Slow You Down!

The CP Protection system doesn't utilize over complicated, or over engineered software. Often, antivirus solutions are developed in a manner that negatively impacts the performance and speed of your computer.

Our software is built to stay out of your way - in the background - and won't slow you down while operating as your line of defense against malicious attacks and viruses.

    The CP Protection system is built to constantly protect your computer while not taking a toll on your CPU's performance.
    By working in the background, the CP Protection system allows you the peace-of-mind that comes with complete protection and security of your personal computer.

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